#001 John Nash

Illogical Logic

The first drop in the series of World Heroes by Peter Badge.

Drop #001 begins with looking through the lens into the work of John Nash, the only person awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and the Abel Prize. His prized theory, the Nash Equilibrium provided insight into the factors that govern chance and decision-making inside complex systems found in everyday life.

The Illogical Logic is a mini-collection of NFTs that pays tribute to the Nash Equilibrium with animated 3D matrixes and Peter Badge’s portrait shot encapsulated in the dominant strategy based on values set in the standard game theory matrix. 

Drop Structure

  • The Illogical Logic Open Edition will feature 3 art collectibles;
    two x two, three x three, four x four 
  • Each collectible will present a game theory strategy and John Nash’s portrait as a single digital animated art collectible 
  • We will not have a whitelist period, NFT Mint date to be revealed soon.
  • Mint period will be for [4] day


  • We will do an auction for an animated version of Nash’s cheat sheet (the design of the piece will still be the same as the original, only the words will be animated). 
  • The auction will only be available to holders of the Nashtrix.
  • If the response of the mint is good enough (i.e. we hit 1000 mints/ any reasonable milestone), we will put up 1-2 extra John Nash related NFTs for auction

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