• Launch of John Nash Collection - Live • Launch of Louis Ignarro Collection - Q’2 2022 • Launch of Peter Higgs NFT - Q’3 2022  


• Live & Virtual Events - Soon
• Dinner events with various Laureates from a single prize category will be held, along with virtual AMAs, discord voice chats and twitter live spaces


• Introduce the AceMeta Coin - Soon
• Coins forms the baseline of various membership tiers that are able to access tiered levels of benefits
• Whitelist opportunity for all future Laureates NFT drops (Louis Ignarro etc) - Soon

Heroes Roadmap

The World Heroes by Peter Badge is a collection that will host multiple drops and perks for their collectors. From new heroes NFT drops mint to exclusive events, be sure to check in and get informed of the latest that is going on.


• Laureate Based Film Movie - Exploring


Heroes Metaverse - Soon
Bringing exciting, world-changing and educational content to the Metaverse